Luna Kiss Release Video For ‘Lust For Blood’

Luna Kiss bring you their brand new single ‘Lust For Blood‘.

Lust For Blood‘ tells the story of heartbreak, revenge, vengeance, and courage. When the protagonist gets his heart broken by a girl who has left him in the ditch, fuelled by rejection, he goes on a self-loathing binge, focusing his anger on destruction of himself and her. Through his battle to prove his careless new approach to life, and his desire to get her attention, he finally comes to terms with both himself and his situation. Throughout all the destruction, he begins to find himself again, and starts to find the courage and strength to continue his life without her.


Luna Kiss Bio:

Luna Kiss are a four-piece rock quartet from Coventry City, UK. Described as “broodingly gnarly” by Classic Rock Magazine (2019), Luna Kiss launch into 2022 with a brand new record.

The narrative of ‘Lust For Blood‘ EP explores the courage, strength, and power that come from some of our darkest moments. A follow-up from 2019’s ‘Following Shadows‘, Luna Kiss present a five-track EP full of grit, energy, and swagger, falling on the perfect sweet spot where both simplicity and intricacy collide.