Jeanicelee To Release New Album ‘Urban Legends’ June 3rd

Scottish rockers Jeanicelee are set to release their new album ‘Urban Legends‘ on June 3rd, 2022.

You can pre-order via BandCamp where it will be available from 06/05.

General Digital release is set for 03/06. It will also be available on CD from 06/05 via the band’s website.

Track Listing:

  1. Overhaul
  2. Back In Our Cage
  3. From The Ashes
  4. Liquid Gold
  5. Never Was
  6. Divine Red Roses
  7. Walk Away From Me
  8. The City We Used To Know

Urban Legends – Track by Track 

  1. Overhaul

The opening track is about the fight against tyranny and dictatorship, drawing from some personal experience and observation from happenings around the world.

  1. Back In Our Cage

First single of the album. Written during the first lockdown brought on by the global pandemic and inspired by sights of empty streets and cities around the world, this was when nature took a break from us.

  1. From The Ashes

Second single of album. Dreams have their way of resurrecting themselves in our hearts and minds no matter how much they are buried or suppressed, just like the phoenix rises from the ashes. It is never too late to start anew. Never give up on your dreams.

  1. Liquid Gold

This song is about how human beings have sold our souls to the oil industry. The dependency on oil drives political decisions, triggers wars and conflicts, and causes irreversible damage to the environment

  1. Never Was

Written at the end of a convenient, circumstantial relationship which was never going anywhere but it still somehow managed to cause hurt for someone who feels too much.

  1. Divine Red Roses

A deep and complex analysis of love, lust, attraction, and heartbreak. The song looks at how we may get drawn to the superficial good look or the façade of someone but ultimately, we know they are not suited to us.

  1. Walk Away From Me

This song is about the demonisation and stigmatisation of refugees and asylum seekers, and how we may look at the news about the wars and conflicts which led these people to risk their lives fleeing their country and yet feel indifferent about it because it is “far away” and doesn’t touch or impact on our lives directly.

  1. The City We Used To Know

This song is Jeanice’s goodbye to the city where she grew up and where she would always call home. Now everything has changed, and there is nothing left to do but to bid an emotional farewell.

About JeaniceLee

Jeanicelee brings a unique blend of modern, guitar-fueled melodic hard rock with wide-ranging influences from classic rock to prog rock to old school heavy metal. Fronted by Jeanice’s deep emotive vocals, we tell stories with powerful melodies, supported by Marco’s neoclassical guitar style, Leen’s driving bass-lines and Tony’s impactful drumming.

It’s never too late to start anew and pursue your dreams

..That is what Jeanice said to herself five years ago. Knowing that her innate desire to make and play music would never go away, she decided to confront it head on. The first couple of years of her musical journey were spent on learning the guitar, writing songs, performing at open mic nights, and putting a band together.

The band released their first album ‘Beyond Never‘ in 2019 and organised a series of gigs in Scotland to support the album’s release, and were invited to play at Wildfire Festival and Maidens of Music Festival in the same year. The pandemic put a stop to things just after their headline show for Musicians Against Homelessness in Edinburgh in March 2020, which caused a long delay to the production of their planned second album. This delay turned out to be a blessing because the combination of the band’s heavy-hitting new drummer and Jeanice having more time on the guitar means more complexity and a heavier edge to their new album.

Urban Legends‘ is due out this year with 2022 seeing Jeanicelee gigging around the country promoting the new album and reaching new audiences.

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