Bret Michaels Band Guitarist Pete Evivk Releases New Solo Single

Best known as rock icon / reality star Bret Michaels‘ music director and guitar player for the last 19 years, Pete Evick (who himself is an award-winning producer, author, and entrepreneur) has remade the global smash hit war protest song ‘99 Red Balloons‘ originally released in 1983 by German artist Nena.

As a child of the 80’s, the threat of nuclear war and potential conflict with Russia has been ingrained in his heart and mind for his entire life. As a child, Evick had to receive therapy to deal with his near-crippling fear that the bombs were dropping at all times.

Now as an adult, the tragedy in the Ukraine has resurfaced all that fear and emotion he had as a child.

I’m consumed with this tragedy to the point that I can’t function in my normal life.” Evick reveals.

Channeling all this emotion, Pete re-recorded the 80’s hit, whose lyrics and message are stunningly relevant due to the recent conflict. In the video, Evick is seen wearing a “Stand With Ukraine” shirt reminiscent of the 80’s “Frankie Says Relax” shirts that were extremely popular during that time.

Evick states “I have no intention to profit from the song or use it to further my career. I simply want to raise awareness of this tragedy and show the Ukrainians that we care. This is just what I did while I’m figuring out how I can do more and really help.

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