Finnish Melodic Metal Band Justice Theory Release Aggressive New Single ‘The Abandoned’

Finnish melodic metal band Justice Theory has released new fast-paced single, entitled ‘The Abandoned‘ from their upcoming EP! It’s the second single out off the ‘Beaten Will Rise‘ EP, that will be out by the end of this Spring. The track raises the speed and aggressiveness to higher level and shows a new style of vocals that haven’t been heard before from Justice Theory. Crank your speakers loud and let it make you bang your head!

Listen to ‘The Abandoned‘:


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Justice Theory is a four-piece formed by four guys from Jyväskylä Central Finland. The band was founded in 2012 and has been active live band since 2014. They have toured around Finland and maybe the most important show so far has been at legendary Jalometalli Festival in 2016.