Mick White Releases Video For ‘Sometime Superman’

Mick White brings you his latest single ‘Sometime Superman‘ taken off his upcoming album ‘Something’s Got To Give‘ released April 15th.

Sometime Superman‘ is the second single from Mick White and is again taken from the forthcoming album ‘Something’s Got To Give‘. The single is the follow up to ‘Emergency On Planet Earth‘ released in October 2021 which has received extensive airplay throughout the world and to date is approaching twenty thousand streams on Spotify alone.

The song is a dark, brooding rock track which deals with the issues of mental health which so many people have had to come to terms with over the past couple of years. The song was written during the first lockdown and is very much about the battle that goes on between the positive and negative within us all which became far more apparent during these difficult times.

Sometime Superman‘ is written by Mick White and guitarist Luke Hatton (who also played bass) with drums from Carsten Enghardt (who also mixed and mastered the song alongside Ulrich Hilbel). All the vocals, guitars and bass tracks were recorded in the UK with drums being added at 1st take Studios in Bavaria where it was also mixed during the first few months of 2021.

A video will be released simultaneously alongside the single with long time collaborator James Ross Heron from Carriage Return Media Services once again directing and editing. The body of the video is performance based with bass player Ian Edwards joining the band but White also plays the darker alter ego character which is interspersed throughout.

The single is released on all digital platforms through Enghardt Media/Recordjet.

Artist Bio:

As a one time member of Samson, Mick White had played most of the UK’s premier venues at the tender age of eighteen. He’d supported Iron Maiden on their mammoth UK trek for the ‘Somewhere In Time’ tour and also had a wealth of writing and recording experience for someone so young.

Following his departure from Samson in 1989 White formed First Strike and continued to write, record and tour his way around the UK including tours with Uriah Heep, Giant, Dare, Slaughter, Shy and many others making videos and headlining shows at the Marquee in London.

The future was looking bright with major record company interest and an impending management deal with a big American management company until the grunge movement happened and virtually changed the music landscape overnight.

After First Strike split White found his talents were very much in demand in the studio and spent the next five years doing session work across various studios in London. Towards the end of the nineties White started writing again and was offered a deal with US record company Domo Records. This became the band Seven Days who went on to release two singles recorded in London and mixed by Kip Winger at his studio in Sante Fe.

As the new millennium began White drifted away from music for a period of time finding no inspiration in the direction music was taking as rock went further underground.

In the Summer of 2019 White was approached by Steelheart Records to finally get a release for the First Strike album. ‘Just Another Night’ was released in October and was greeted enthusiastically by rock radio and fans with three pressings of the CD selling out and a digital release early in 2020 also doing very well.

During the Autumn of 2019 White guested on a track called ‘Better Be Strong’ written by German songwriter “Marty Punch”. Drummer Carsten Enghardt also played on the song and on hearing the vocal knew straight away he was the man his band Endfield were looking for.

Phone calls were made and after agreeing to join the band Mick added lyrics and melodies to the tracks over the next few months. In January 2020 Mick flew out to Munich to record the vocals at 1st Take Studios where a further two songs were also written and recorded and the ten songs were now finalised for the new album.

As the global pandemic hit White found time to start writing a solo album enlisting the talents of guitarist Luke Hatton and Endfield bandmate Carsten Enghardt. Eleven tracks were recorded including ‘Don’t Close Your Eyes’ a song co-written with Paul Samson in 1988, a reworking of the First Strike song‘Hold Tight’ and a new version of ‘Better Be Strong’. All  vocal, guitars, bass and keyboards were recorded in the UK with drums added at 1st take Studios where it was also mixed.

The album ‘Something’s Got to Give‘ will be released on 15 April 2022 via Enghardt MediaEdel Records.