Thunderdogs Release Music Video For Rock Ballad ‘Animal’

The Thunderdogs trio was founded in 2017. The genre that musicians describe as ‘ThunderMetal’ is a modern combination of hard rock and metal. Heavy riffs, catchy melodies and ease of perception make the heads bang!

Thunderdogs have undergone numerous structural changes, but currently include three members of the group – Yuriy Futalo (vocals, bass, rhythm guitar), Yuliy Spivakov (solo guitar, backing vocals), and Forat Al-Alusi (drums).

From the beginning of the live performances, the band faced a problem – fans do not have records to listen to after the shows. This was the main motivation to record the album.

The debut album ‘Meat’ was released on April 20, 2021.

A few weeks before the release, the content of the album became available for exclusive pre-sale – ‘Meat’ became the first Ukrainian NFT album.

The musicians are happy with the album, it conveys their vision of rock ‘n’ roll, the band’s style and carries at least a little bit of energy. Those who have not been to the concerts, it is better to visit, because they are the fire! Each concert is accompanied by different shows and costumes, which makes each concert unique.

On January 22, 2022, Thunderdogs return with another single, hair-raising rock ballad ‘Animal’ from the upcoming album ‘Black Mark’. It’s slow deep thrilling sound of emotional vocals and acoustic guitar emphasized by atmospheric violins eventually develops into the clement heavy-metal-driven orchestra with choirs, trumpets, and buzzing distorted guitars.

Listen to ‘Animal‘: here

The awful, cold, sad, and depressing weather the band experienced while recording the song complements the story of a lost soul that wanders in the empty darkness and immerses the listener into the mystic and hopeless cage of an ‘Animal

And the story continues…