Screaming Eagles, Trucker Diablo & When Rivers Meet Lead The HRH NWOCR II Line-Up

HRH N.W.O.C.R 2 will take place at another new destination, namely the beautiful 02 Academy Oxford where we stage another 2 day, 2 arena event on the 21st & 22nd January 2023. There is no better way to kick start the year than with a fresh flow of natural-born talent.

As ever all HRH Veterans can get in first as there are only 1200 tickets. Prices are killer at only £35 standard, £55 Royalty with no booking fee until the offer closes on Sunday 23rd January 2022 midnight.

HRH Hotel packages are a must, especially with post-Brexit hotel hikes. So for as little as £120 Classic or £150 Royalty, per person – this gives you 2 nights accommodation, plus weekend passes all in the same deal.

What’s more, for anyone who books & supports the bands on HRH N.W.O.C.R. 2 before we open the doors Saturday we will be offering you a free pass to HRH Blues vs HRH C.R.O.W.S 2 in Liverpool on 22nd & 23rd October. That’s a special incentive for all our Vets for taking the time to support the fresh talent of tomorrow!

Tickets are on sale to HRH Vets from 10.00 am Wednesday 19th January 2022.
HRH Blues vs HRH CROWS free pass offer applies for bookings made between Wednesday 19th & Friday 21st January 2022. The lead booker will get a claim code on their confirmation mail once they book.

This year and next year’s events are going to be incredible gatherings with the very best this movement has to offer. HRH will be broadcasting 2023 live around the world and shooting an Amazon documentary to make it even more special for the bands, not to mention a special in HRH Mag.

So what we waiting for HRH, it’s all for a great cause, get on board and make it happen, with these deals you can’t go wrong and you have first pickings. Remember there are only 1200 tickets but also bear in mind why we are doing this. Support the Legends of Tomorrow.

Click here to grab your HRH N.W.O.C.R. 2 passes

For more details of the event, visit or Call Jess on 0207 193 1164
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