Review: The Karma Effect – The Karma Effect

Review: The Karma Effect – The Karma Effect

TMR Rock Records (March 18th, 2022)

Reviewer: Dan Mann

One of the more satisfying things in this thing we call life is when you get / are sent a new album and from the first few notes you realise that this is right up your street musically.

Well dear reader, I have received such a mythical beast, the brand new album from London rockers The Karma Effect. I’ll hold my hands up and say that the band were slightly under my radar, purely due to the amount of new music that’s either submitted for review or I’ve purchased.

Thankfully this short sightedness has now been remedied and I can let this pure slab of blues infused rock invigerate my lugholes.

Reading the accompanying bumf, I’m staggered to learn that The Karma Effect only formed at the start of the covid pandemic! This does not sound like a bunch of newbies getting to terms with their sound. The album sounds more like a band’s third or forth release, yes it’s that polished!

At a time that this type of music, which comes under the New Wave Of Classic Rock banner, is gaining more than a little ground in the music biz and the general musical consciousness, it takes something a little special to pull ahead of the ‘competition’. What you get with The Karma Effect is a melting pot of The Black Crowes, Dirty Honey, Bad Touch etc, with just the right amount of all the necessary elements, be it the guitar sound, the keyboards or the backing vocals etc. All of which don’t fully hit the target unless of course there are the songs to back everything up.

There’s not one of the eight songs on the album I’m not happy to play repeatedly. With stand out songs like the single ‘Steal Your Heart‘, which reached #2 in the Amazon Rock Charts and #6 in Amazon’s All Genre Charts, something that’s no mean feat, the slow burners like ‘Stand‘ and ‘Save Me‘, the funky ‘Doubt She’s Coming Back‘ or the foot stomper that’s ‘The River‘, this album is an absolute delight.

I think you can tell by my slight gushyness that I like The Karma Effect, and yep you’d be right. My only moan is there are only the eight tracks on the album, but it’ll just make me more eager for album no.2!

Highly recommended.