Rockologists Records Reissue Former KISS Drummer Peter Criss’ Two Solo Albums On Limited Edition Colored Vinyl

The Rockologists are honored to present the first American pressing of the legendary 1979 Peter Criss LP ‘Out of Control‘ in over 40 years as well as the first ever American pressing of the 1982 Peter Criss LP ‘Let Me Rock You‘. These classic LP’s are pressed on the modern equipment of Third Man Pressing in Detroit Michigan with care and the reverence these releases deserve.

Harking back to the heyday of KISS vinyl pressing in the 70’s, ‘Out of Control‘ and ‘Let Me Rock You‘ will be released in a rainbow of colors, Black, Clear Green, Clear Red, Clear Blue and Clear Coke Bottle vinyl. Each color consists of 500 units, for 2,500 LP’s total for each release. 100 sets of each of the five colors will be bunded together with some special treats at a special price. Individual LP’s of any color will be available for only $29.99 plus shipping. To place your order visit

Originally Released on September 8, 1980, ‘Out of Control‘ is the second solo release by former KISS drummer and founder Peter Criss. The LP art was created by Todd Schoor from a concept by Peter Criss.

Album Details
Producer – David Wolfert and Peter Criss
Engineer – Leanne Ungar
Studio – RCA Recording Studios, NYC – March to July 1980

All Lead Vocal – Peter Criss
Drums and Percussion – Peter Criss
Guitars – Stan Penridge, David Wolfert
Bass – Tony Mercandante, Stu Woods
Keyboards – Benny Harrison
Synthesizers – Ed Walsh, Benny Harrison, David Wolfert
Synthesizer Programming – Ed Walsh, Greg Zanthus Winter
Background Vocals – Stan Penridge, Benny Harrison, Tony Mercandante, David Buskin, Peter Criss
Soprano Sax Solo – George Young
Strings arranged By – David Wolfert\
Conducted By – John Lissauer
Concert Master – David Nadien
Horns Arranged By – Louis Delgatto

Track listing and Songwriters
Side 1
By Myself – Peter Criss, Stan Penridge and David Wolfert
Feel Like Letting Go – Criss, Penridge
I Found Love – Criss, Penridge, Wolfert
In Trouble Again – Criss, Penridge
My Life – Criss, Wolfert, David Buskin
Side 2
Out Of Control – Criss, Penridge
There’s Nothing Better – Criss, Penridge
Where Will They Run – Criss, Penridge
Words – Criss, Penridge
You Better Run – Eddie Beigati, Felix Cavaliere

Originally Released on June 25th 1982, ‘Let Me Rock You‘ is the third solo release by former KISS drummer and founder Peter Criss.

Album Details
Producer – Vini Poncia for Mad Vincent Productions
Engineer – Bob Schaper
Studio – Conway Recording Studios – Los Angeles

Lead Vocal – Peter Criss
Drums and Percussion – Dennis Conway, Michael Braun, Peter Criss
Guitars – Michael Landau, Caleb Quaye, Bob Messana, Phil Grande, Steve stevens, Steve Lukather
Bass – John “Cooker” Lo Presti, Davey Faragher
Keyboards – James Newton Howard, Jai Winding, Jim Roberge
Synthesizers – Ed Walsh, James Newton Howard
Background Vocals – Rory Dodd, Eric Trayer, Mark Kreider, Bob Messano, Vini Poncia, Suzanne Fellini

Track listing and Songwriters
Side 1
Let It Go – Tommy Faragher, Davey, Faragher, Brie Howard
Tears – Vincent Cusano, Adam Mitchell
Move On Over – Vini Poncia, Peter Criss
Jealous Guy – John Lennon
Destiny – Charlie Midnight, Cash Monet, Jeff Schoen
Side 2
Some Kinda Hurricane – Russell Ballard
Let Me Rock You – Ballard
First Day In The Rain – Steve Stevens
Feel Like Heaven – Gene Simmons
Bad Boys – Peter Criss, Jim Roberge

About The Rockologists and The Rockologists Records
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The Rockologists Records Discography:
Bruce Kulick – BK3 – 2017 – Black vinyl
Ace Frehley – Origins Vol I – 2018 – eOne – Starburst vinyl (exclusive vinyl pattern)
Ace Frehley – Bronx Boy – 2018 – eOne – White vinyl (exclusive color vinyl)
Bruce Kulick – BK3 – 2019 – Red vinyl
Eric Carr – Rockology – 2019 – Orange vinyl
Eric Carr – Rockology – 2019 – Orange and Black Starburst vinyl with exclusive RockRelix shirt card
Eric Carr – Rockology – 2019 – Orange and Black Starburst vinyl with exclusive RockRelix drum stick card
Peter Criss – Out of Control – 2021 – Universal Music/Rockology Records – Black, Clear Green, Clear Red, Clear Blue and Clear Coke Bottle vinyl
Peter Criss – Let Me Rock You – 2021 – Universal Music/Rockology Records – Black, Clear Green, Clear Red, Clear Blue and Clear Coke Bottle vinyl.

About Peter Criss
A founding member and the drummer of the internationally renowned Rock group KISSPeter Criss is an honored member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Peter also released several solo LP’s heavily influenced by his musical interests in swing and Jazz.