Swedish band Mad Invasion Get Dark & Creepy In New Single & Video `Walking In The Shadows’

Swedish band Mad Invasion combines classic 70’s hard rock influences with a modern approach and soundscape. The vast experience of the band members as musicians, songwriters and performing artists − includes numerous album releases and tours over the years.

In September Mad Invasion released their long-awaited debut album entitled ’Edge Of The World’, an album that offers a wide range of heavy songs with bone crushing guitars, airy keyboards, and a dynamic rhythm section – adding the final touches to the very distinct Mad Invasion sound. The three first videos also feature special guest Mikkey Dee from Motörhead and Scorpions. Join the Mad Invasion journey and rediscover the golden age of rock – in a new suit of armour.

About the song and video:

This heavy and dark song describes the constant battle between good and evil… where more often than not – evil wins. It’s about how lonely it can be when you feel overwhelmed with dispair and dark thoughts… when it seems like there’s no way out. In that darkness is also where the demons appear, haunting and taunting, in all shapes and forms… The band represent the champions for good in a world where evil is always close and lurking.

The video was partly filmed in Prague and the dark story is emphasized by the elements of this classic city, with all its dark history. This video is also special in that this is where the ’Fallen Angel’ is born… the angel in white who went from an innocent little girl to being turned by the dark side… This happens in the ending part of the video, after a massive song outro, building towards the final climax…

Variations of her final transformation, showing when good turns to evil – has become a signature trademark for the band, being used at the end of several videos as well in marketing material…

Pete Sandberg Vocals
Björn Dahlberg Guitar
Hal Marabel Guitar / Keyboards
Mats Jeppsson Bass
Mats Bergentz Drums

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