Wildstreet Release Lyric Video For ‘Mrs Sleazy’

Wildstreet release their new lyric video for single ‘Mrs Sleazy‘, out now on Golden Robot Records.

Wildstreet’s latest album ‘III‘ (1.6 million streams) was released via Golden Robot Records in June. It boasted some incredibly successful singles like ‘Mother’, ‘Set It Off’, ‘Still Love You’ and ‘Born To Be’. III gathered a huge amount of critical acclaim both with fans and press alike, and saw some amazing album reviews.

To follow on from the success of ‘III‘, Wildstreet will bring their fans a real treat with their cover of The 69 EYES hit, ‘Mrs. Sleazy’. The single will be released digitally via Golden Robot Records on the 18th of October.

Listen/Buy ‘Mrs Sleazy‘:Here

Wildstreet recorded their cover of The 69 EYES ‘Mrs. Sleazy’ after Jyrki 69 responded to this question on Twitter in 2011: ‘’Which songs & which bands would you want to record covers of your songs?‘’ Never playing the song as a band, they quickly demoed the song, and recruited drummer Dennis Leeflang (Bumblefoot) to guest on the final track. Wildstreet intended to release the song in December 2012 as a free ‘Christmas gift’ for fans, but with an industry in transition and the band on the verge of breakup the cover was never properly released until now.

Making friends and headlines, the band has spent most of 2021 touring in the USA. Their ‘Kings Of World Tour’ has included a stop at Rockfest WI in July & will take them to Europe in October to perform alongside label mates Hardcore Superstar at Swiss Rock Cruise. Their tour plans in Europe include shows in Switzerland, France & Belgium. 2022 will begin with tour dates in Mexico and Colombia with Crashdiet & HRH Spring Break in the United Kingdom.

Watch ‘MotherHere
Watch ‘Set It OffHere

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