Death Ingloria Release New Album ‘Death Ingloria II: Death By Admin’

British melodic metal band Death Ingloria today release their new album ‘Death Ingloria II: Death By Admin‘.

Frontwoman Galina Rin commented: “Death Ingloria albums are more than just the music. More than the comic book story. More than the animations that connect them. They are true life experiences bound together and magnified upwards through a lens of Science Fiction. Why would anyone care about the lowly life of an office worker? You are already living that reality. Have you ever daydreamed the world away just to save yourself one more day of drudgery in a job you hate? In this new album we explore that very feeling to its inglorious conclusion. We bring you ‘Death Ingloria II: Death By Admin‘.  Let us imagine the worst, so you don’t have to.

Death Ingloria II: Death By Admin‘ follows the demise of Humanity through the eyes of one lonely and disconnected young man as he accidentally destroys the world via a series of minor admin errors.

This mini album showcases soaring vocal hooks combined with sharpened riffs that journey through towering rock anthems to tender moments of a soft pianos sonic intricacies.

Twisting with emotional fury on the way, these scenes of Humanity’s fate are seamlessly blended with stunning artwork and visuals, resulting in one of this year’s biggest feasts for the senses.

You can order the album via the band’s Bandcamp page

Official Website