Rascal Whack Release New Album ‘Maliveni’

Rascal Whack, is a five-member Heavy Rock band from Athens that was created in 2013. Their new album is called ‘Maliveni‘ and through it they redefine themselves and tell us a new story.

Maliveni‘ was released on June 24th and includes 8 compositions. Although they remain faithful to the heavy rock genre that they serve & prefer, the grunge, stoner & heavy metal references are very intense in every song. That creates a very familiar and comfortable – almost old fashioned – atmosphere for the listener, however they carry a unique aesthetic and sensitivity.

The word ‘Maliveni‘, means «cedar-forest» and is an area that literally exists in the suburbs of the city of Athens. The album describes the arrogant expansion of the city, its suffocating character and the effect that has on people, constantly asks for more and gives less and less. ‘Maliveni‘ is the antithesis of this chaos. The return to the roots, the aim to pay attention to our inner self as human beings, the need to live authentically, away from supposed patterns and idols.

This is ‘Maliveni‘. The escape, the sacred place of redefining and distancing oneself from ignorance and deception.

Produced by Rascal Whack and Theodore Zefkilis, Mixed by Theodore Zefkilis, Mastered by Apostolos Siopis (Siopis Masters), Recorded at SCA studios, by Theodore Zefkilis. Music & compositions by Rascal Whack.


Spiros Ladas – lead guitar

Gregory  Tourvas – rhythm guitar & vocals

Stathis Skaloumpakas – vocals

Chris Ladas – bass

Akis  Delaportas – Drums


  1. Carved Ignorance
  2. Raging Groove
  3. Hallucination
  4. Not Enough
  5. Slipping Away
  6. The Fly
  7. Pennies from Heaven
  8. Space Cowboys