TBelly Announces The Release Of His New Single ‘I Never Want To See Me Again’

Today TBelly announces the release of the new single ‘I Never Want To See Me Again’ which is out 16th July 2021 and is the title track from the forthcoming album out on 8th October 2021.

This powerful track features the original bass player with the Alice Cooper group Dennis Dunaay and is sure to appeal to rock and blues audiences alike.

I Never Want To See Me Again’ will be available via Bandcamp and all major digital outlets.

Russell tells us about the track:

I Never Want To See Me Again’ was written after I watched a Muse show on the TV. I really like the short riffs they play in between some of the songs. So I wrote one of my own and over time it turned into a song.

When I write lyrics they are either specifically about something or just non-sense lyrics. My non-sense lyrics are the type of lyric that leaves the meaning massively open to interpretation. ‘I Never Want To See Me Again’ falls into the non-sense lyric category so even I am not quite sure what it means. Although usually, buried in there somewhere is the actual truth of what I am banging on about. 

Of course I am lucky enough to have Rock n Roll Hall of Famer, and original Bass player with the Alice Cooper group, Dennis Dunaway playing on the track and it is a dream come true.  I’m a massive Alice Cooper fan especially the original band’s albums. So having Dennis playing on the track is truly mind blowing.

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Recording Studio- The Pool, Brighton Electric, PaulWinAudio
Producer – Paul Win Winstanley
Mixed by – Paul Win Winstanley
Mastering studio – Fluid Mastering
Mastered by – Tim Debney

Russell Keefe – Vocals
Russell Keefe- Keyboards
Russell Keefe- Hammond Organ
Connor Baxter- Guitars
Pip Mailing- Drums
Nicola Bates- Violin
Jade Woodhouse- Cello
Annie Dorrett- Backing Singer
Liva Steinberga- Backing Vocals
Ariella Steinberg- Backing Vocals
*With a Special Guest Appearance by Dennis Dunaway on Bass Guitar

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