Review: The Damn Truth – Livestream Concert

photo – Ralph Alphonso

In a World that’s still to the most part limiting when it comes to concerts etc, The Damn Truth, like so many bands have taken to the virtual stage. However, this Livestream Concert wasn’t a run of the mill livestream with just the band playing, this was part live performance, part album launch, part documentary as it were.

Between the tracks we had chance to ‘sit down’ with the band as they talked through both the recording process for their new album ‘Now or Nowhere‘ as well as memories.

This way of presenting a livestream could be hit or miss, the miss being the possibility of the flow of music becoming too fragmented and that was my initial impression. However, as things progressed, I found myself becoming actually more drawn into proceedings, the individual band members recollections and memories make for a much more involved audience experience.

photo by Ralph Alphonso

With at least one foot stretching back to the heady days of the Sixties & Seventies, The Damn Truth don’t ever sound stale, they’ve found that perfect balance of musical influences. Vocalist Lee-La Baum is a modern day Grace Slick meets The Blues Pills, which works for me I must say, her singing just gives me goose bumps!

Of course the other three members are hardly slouches. Delivering an incredibly tight sound, Tom Shemer‘s guitar playing, filled in by the engine room of PY Letellier‘s bass and Dave Traina‘s drumming is a case of ‘less is more’, no real showboating, just a laid bare, honest performance.

photo by Ralph Alphonso

What certainly needs mentioning is the technical aspect of this live stream. You can have all the flashing lights and fancy amp stacks, but if the video and sound quality sucks then what’s the point? Thankfully this was a prime example of how a livestream should be delivered. No evidence of picture smear, no pixilation or stuttering, with the audio crystal clear. I watched the livestream on a home cinema system, not a phone or tablet screen, and it just looked and sounded superb.

photo by Ralph Alphonso

As good as it sounded and looked, it will never replace actually seeing a band in the flesh and we in the UK will get that chance next year when The Damn Truth pop over the pond to support KIng King on a UK tour.

A great concert etc should keep you enthrouled throughout and The Damn Truth‘s Livestream certainly did that because before I knew it 90 minutes had gone by and it was all over, leaving me wanting more. I’d love to see this footage released say on DVD with the option to watch either as it was streamed or as a full gig with the band chatting left to the end. It would be interesting as to which would then be preferable.

photo by Ralph Alphonso

All in all a highly entertaining experience done incredibly well.

Set list:

* This Is Who We Are Now

* Tomorrow

* Only Love

* Lonely

* Everything Fades

* The Fire

* Look Innocent

* Full on You

* Shot Em

^ Pirates and Politicians

^ Get With You

$ Too Late

^ Broken Blues

$ Kinda Awkward

^ Devilish Folk

^ Heart is Cold

*Denotes songs from their new album ‘Now or Nowhere‘ (2021) //

^Denotes songs from their 2016 sophomore album ‘Devilish Folk‘ (2016) // $ Denotes songs from their 2012 debut album ‘Dear In The Headlights‘ (2012)