Lee Aaron Releases Second Single From ‘Radio On!’ – The Beautiful Ballad ‘Twenty One’

Today Lee Aaron releases the second single from her much anticipated new album, ‘Radio On!‘ (review here) ‘Twenty One‘ is a beautiful ballad that shows the charismatic singer’s voice is just as powerful and emotive as ever. In fact, Lee has never sounded better than she does on this reflective song, written specially for her fans.

Twenty One‘ is a love letter to all my ‘young at heart’ fans” Lee explains. “We have grown up together, raised children, lost loved ones, gone through relationship break ups and more. It’s a reflection on how fast time seems to pass, yet in our minds we still feel like we’re twenty one.

As with the first single from ‘Radio On!‘ – the infectious summer rocker ‘C’Mon‘ – the video for ‘Twenty One‘ was created by Frank Gryner, known for his work with Alice Cooper, Def Leppard and Rob Zombie – as well as being the video editor for Lee’s own Power, Soul, Rock’n’Roll: Live In Germany DVD. ‘Twenty One‘ illustrates the maturity of song writing and diversity of material that fans can expect from the ‘Radio On!‘ album, which will be out on Metalville Records on July 23rd.

Since the release of her debut album in 1982 Lee Aaron has graced the rock and metal scenes with her power and beauty, peerless voice and incredible music, bringing us classic albums like Metal QueenCall Of The WildFire And Gasoline and Diamond Baby Blues – and you can add to that list Radio On! With the backing of her band, guitarist Sean Kelly, bassist Dave Reimer and drummer John Cody, the multi-platinum, award winning, Canadian songstress has created another piece of timeless rock.

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