Head of Clay Release New Single And Video ‘Rise Up’

Gaining a solid reputation for their banging rock tracks and dynamite videos; the fifth single, ‘Rise Up‘ from Melbourne Hard Rock heroes, Head of Clay, is no exception!

With its powerful vocals, dirty guitars, watertight rhythm section and Slash-esq lead breaks, all wrapped up with a compelling message to stay strong in the face of adversity – ‘Rise Up‘ delivers all you could ask for in a modern rock classic.

Vocalist/Guitarist David Trimboli on the track: “Even though the song is about a Superhero; ‘Rise Up‘ represents all the people who are superheroes to their families, workmates, partners and friends. There are times in life where we can find ourselves falling into fear and apathy, so it’s important to find a way to stand up and fight for the strength and belief of one’s ability and sense of worth. This song examines that faith in being able to rise up above adversity.

Drummer Carlos Meza takes centre stage again in the bands new video and stars as both the story’s victim and hero. Trimboli shares: “The superhero concept has filtered through the song to the video where it depicts a superhero questioning his ability to undertake his duty and then having to overcome his doubts. We envisaged the song to represent the extreme example of a hero, which in this case is a superhero, to really put our point across.

Visually striking, the clip features animated comic book like sequences interspersed with spectacular abandoned warehouse scenes shot in Melbournes North. The clip was filmed by Ian Ritter and Brandon Matherson.

Rise Up‘ releases independently May 28 and will be available online everywhere.