Review: Dave Burn – Nothing Is As It Seems

Review: Dave Burn – Nothing Is As It Seems

Burn (June 1st 2021)

Reviewer: Dan Mann

I’d not come across Dave Burn before the CD of ‘Nothing Is As It Seems‘ dropped through the letterbox. Upon reading the PR material I realised that I had actually heard some of his playing before, as Dave played with the late Paul Raymond.

The vocalist on ‘Nothing Is As It Seems‘ is someone whose body of work I’m very familiar with and I profess to being a bit of a fan, and that is Lee Small, whose currently in Lionheart and the Sweet.

And so to the actual album. Not knowing really what to expect musically, it meant I was listening to it with open ears as it were!

Well it’s pretty damn obvious that Dave Burns knows his way around a fretboard, but not in the over the top widdly widdly way. No overblown guitar wankery here, just a skillful delivery, with the superb vocals of Lee’s filling in the gaps, to deliver a rip roaring, foot tapping slab of hard rock.

The album does contain  two instrumentals, the pacey ‘Hit The Ground Running’ and ‘Boat To Samarkand’, which is a wonderful six minute ending to a thoroughly enjoyable album.

Stand out tracks for me personaly are the previously mentioned ‘Boat To Samarkand’ and ‘Into The Light‘ which really showcases Lee’s vocals.

I must mention the excellent presentation of the album, not just from a production side which  Dave handled himself, but the album artwork and a rather splendid accompanying A4 pamphlet, both designed by the very talented Tristan Greatrex.

So if your tastes are a well rounded guitar focused album with that distinct British sound then this will be right up your street!