Tesla Shamans Release ‘Shamans’ Single

Tesla Shamans are proud to present their first single ‘Shamans‘, which anticipates their debut album ‘Electric Storm‘ out on May 17, 2021.

Speaking about the single, the singer, Steve Crow, declares: “Shamans‘ is inspired by the awakening of the conscience of the individual speaking of the transformation of the ego, freed from the illusion of society, and immersed in the path of awareness. The Call turns out to be a difficult path to take, the heart becomes heavy and the scenery around it takes on an almost macabre aspect up to the reflexive apotheosis of the journey, a preamble to the final metamorphosis. Therefore, the composition is inspired by the experience of choosing the shaman, a channel of all energies.

Tom, the bassist, regarding the video accompanying ‘Shamans‘ adds: “We had the opportunity to shoot ‘Shamans‘ during one of the reopenings of this period, where just being able to be was almost a world event. In short, a day with friends with the excuse of playing a little: Paul Gun has even dusted off his hat for special occasions! After all, going to lunch break dressed as shamans is certainly an excellent strategy to convince people that the call is close: we only risked it being the police! “.

So enjoy this mystical journey, hear ‘Shamans‘, the first video of Tesla Shamans extracted from their debut album ‘Electric Storm‘.

The Pre-save of ‘Electric Storm‘, out on May 17, 2021, is available Here.