Standard Human Experience Sign With Wormholedeath Announce Never Belong’ Album

Hailing from Finland, progressive rock band Standard Human Experience are happy to announe that they have signed with Wormholedeath a deal for the release of their album ‘Never Belong‘.

Never Belong‘ will be available on May 21st 2021 on all digital platforms worldwide.

Band Statement:

S.H.E‘s debut album ‘Never Belong‘ is an introspective progressive rock album that stands out with its’ nordic melancholy and dark atmosphere.

It is an album about estrangement, detachment and self reflection. It tells a story about the process of healing after being broken down by personal failures, severed relationships and weltschmerz.

Never Belong‘ contemplates feeling like an outsider.

In 2018 Tom Pohjola came up with the idea of making a full-length album and got his friends Joel Huttunen and Sami Perttunen on board with the project. It was clear from the get-go that the album would be heavily influenced by old school progressive rock and that it would have a clear theme. At first the album was about breaking free from a destructive cycle of life. Later on in 2020 Touko Lehenkari joined the band as a singer and rewrote the lyrics and the album became more about feeling like an outcast hence the album’s title is ‘Never Belong‘.

After a couple of recording sessions and a guitar feature by Jere Suominen the album was finally finished in late 2020.


01 Population Control

02 Hero Oversold

03 Never Belong

04 Take This Longing

05 Traces Of You

06 Container

The album was recorded in Soundmix Recording Studio during the summer of 2020.

Hailing from North, S.H.E., strides with a taste of tradition and unconventionality. A delicate mix of craftmanship and finely brewed artistic vision comes to fruition on this six-song album about finding one’s place in the world and dealing with life’s unavoidable misfortunes.

The group’s effort came alive using old school technology with appreciation towards 70’s progressive rock pioneers such as YES, Genesis and Rush in mind.

The songs got captured on tape, something tangible in the abstract digital modern era.

The band also explores modern music with appetite but with special care for its’ roots kept in mind.


Touko Lehenkari – Vocals

Sami Perttunen – Guitar

Tom Pohjola – Bass guitar

Joel Huttunen – Drums