Our Hollow Our Home Releases New Single ‘Seven Years (Shine A Light On Me)’

UK Metalers Our Hollow Our Home after the success of ‘Overcast‘ back in March, the band now brings you their brand spanking new single ‘Seven Years (Shine A Light On Me)‘.

Seven Years‘ is a song that delves deep into the struggles of coping with addiction and the feelings of guilt that come with it. The track hits with a rollercoaster of emotions from the onset, using metal-tinged grooves and ferocious growls to set the stage for a ballad-like chorus that is as melancholy as it is infectious. This release will be the fourth single taken from the upcoming album ‘Burn In The Flood‘ and is the closing track of the record, making its final message of inward struggle and disappointing those closest to you even more poignant.

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