Review: Zed Mitchell – Route 69

Review: Zed Mitchell – Route 69

Z Records (December 10th 2020)

Reviewer: Dan Mann

Okay I confess, Zed Mitchell was an unkonwn entity to me until a chum of mine, none other than blues guru, promotor, songwriter (more about that later) and all round top bloke Pete Feenstra catapulted ‘Route 69‘ into my inbox.

For those of you who like me are ignorant of Mr Mitchell and his musical exploits, he is a band leader, singer-songwriter, 5-octave vocalist, session guitarist and composer. ‘Route 69‘ is his 8th solo album in the last 13 years, in a 50-year career that spans 21 albums in all!

It just goes to show that you cannot possibly cover or have knowledge of every artist or band, although Pete would be getting pretty close methinks.

So let’s dip a musical toe into the water and see what ‘Route 69‘ is going to deliver to my lugs!

Well this ain’t a blues album, nor easy listening, AOR, rock or jazz. It’s an amalgamation of all of those, weaved together with the ease of someone whose obviously more than a tad experienced in such matters.

The production is superb, not an overblown effort with everything maxed out, the bass is taut and the treble sweet and not shrill. The album just has a vast soundscape that envelops you and brings everything else to a grinding halt as you find yourself concentrating on the music and lyrical content, four tracksworth of which were supplied by Mr Feenstra himself.

Zed’s vocals sound very similar to a certain Chris Rea with just enough grit to fill them out and give them feeling and a purpose. His guitar playing is sublime, to my uneducated ears it’s a case of more is less. No unnessesary showing off, nor overpowering of the vocals.

To Pete Feenstra I say thank you for introducing me to Zed Mitchell‘s music, it’s been a refeshing change. And to you out there in interweb land, go check out a superb album from an accomplished artist.