Review: Starmen – By The Grace Of Rock’N’Roll

Review: Starmen – By The Grace Of Rock’N’Roll

Melodic Passion Records (March12th 2021)

Reviewer: Dan Mann

Starmen came out of nowhere last year, kicking and punching releasing two superb (yes two!) albums, ‘Welcome To My World‘ and ‘Kiss The Sky‘.

Not content in letting the dust settle for one minute more than necessary, the band are back with their third album ‘By The Grace Of Rock’N’Roll‘, which will be released by Melodic Passion Records on March 12th 2021.

Taking over main vocal duties on this third outing and taking up the mantle of Starman Gold is bassist Jonatan Samuelsson, known to some of you from his work with Narnia. He doesn’t get to do all the work mind as all members participate as lead singers, something that was the goal for the band from the start.

From the opening bars of ‘Shining Star‘ your on familiar Starmen territory, with that unmistakable Scandi rock sound and excellent production, giving you a larger than life soundscape.

The influences come to afor with the likes of ‘Black Thunder, White LightningPleasuredome‘ and ‘Hotter Than Fire‘, which have an underlying element of British hard rock from the 80’s but with added ‘foot tappage’.

Tracks like ‘Kisses Of An Enemy‘ and ‘Angels Crying‘ are 100% Scandi rock that will sound so familiar to a lot of you.

The band clearly show that the tricky third album is in fact not tricky at all and ‘By The Grace Of Rock’N’Roll‘ will delight and entertain not only existing fans but also those stumbling upon the band for the first time,

This is another superb release from the Starmen and deserves, no, needs to be on your purchase list!



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