American Tears Releases Video For ‘Woke’

American Tears have released a video for ‘Woke‘ and keyboardist Mark Mangold gives you a behind the scenes look at the classic keyboard sound on the rocking Michael Bolton track ‘Fools Game‘.
Mark is often asked about the track he co-wrote and recorded with Michael Bolton which is, for melodic rock fans, one of the better tracks from the singer. As he is holed up in Stockholm, Sweden during the current pandemic, Mark took the time to walk us through how he got that classic 80’s keyboard sound. Mark looks back, “A nice memory of recording ‘Fool’s Game‘ with Michael…ah those chops and power chords.  I didn’t want to settle for just piano…wanted to push the envelope a bit.

Check out the video: Here

Mark Mangold has also just released the latest from American TearsFree Angel Express‘ through Deko Entertainment. American Tears released their first record, ‘Branded Bad‘, on Columbia Records in 1974, it’s second, ‘Tear Gas‘, in 1975, and its final for Columbia, ‘Powerhouse‘ in 1977 before keyboard player Mark Mangold reformed them in 2018. The latest, ‘Free Angel Express‘ features Alex Landenburg (Stratovarius, Kamelot, Rhapsody, Cyhra) on drums, with guest appearances by Barry Sparks (UFO, Dokken), Doug Howard (Touch, Utopia, Edgar Winter Band) and Charlie Calv (Angel, Shotgun Symphony). American Tears continues its journey with keyboard rock that varies from extended progressive and heartfelt songs offering anthemic choruses, lush tapestries, scathing soloing and poignant lyrics.

View the video for ‘Sledgehammered‘: Here

For a limited time you can get ‘Free Angel Express‘ + ‘White Flags‘ (while supplies last), which can be ordered: Here

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Set It On Fire

Free Angel Express/Resist/Outta Here

Not For Nothing


Everything You Take

Roll The Stone

Blue Rondo

Can’t Get Satisfied


Shadows Aching Karma

So Glow

Rise To The Light

Tusk (Blood on the Ivory) DOWNLOAD ONLY