Southgang’s Jesse Harte, Releases ‘Byte The Bullet + ’93-94 + 2000 Demos + Live’

Southgang lead singer, Jesse Harte, releases some highly sought after goodies from the Vault via FnA Records.

This new release entitled ‘Byte The Bullet + ’93-94 + 2000 Demos + Live‘ features many projects through the career of Jesse Harte. Most notably is the highly sought after Pre-Southgang band called Byte The Bullet. Byte the Bullet has long been on many music collectors wish list for decades. It finally sees an official release with the 6 lead off tracks on this release. Fans of Southgang will relate to these early tracks.

The second part of this album features Demos from Jesse after Southgang disbanded. They are tracks that start as early as 1993-1994 showing the continuation of the fan favorite singer. Some of these tracks may have even found their way on to a third release had grunge not made its way into the mainstream.

Later on in the project shows maturation with a new sound from Jesse. Jesse was trying to find his own style at the same time he was trying to restart a short-lived project entitled Southgang 2.0. Fans themselves will have to decide if they like this new style. Warrant‘s Jani Lane gave it a thumbs up!! Jani told Jesse that his song ‘Learning To Live On The Moon‘ was the best song Jani heard from Jesse. Additionally, Jani Lane added backing vocals to the song ‘Cross Of Mine‘.

SouthGang was a Los Angeles-based rock band composed of lead vocalist Jesse Harte, guitarist Butch Walker, bassist Jayce Fincher, and drummer Mitch “Slug” McLee, active in the late 1980s and early 1990s. The band’s original name was Byte the Bullet, which was changed to SouthGang before they released their first album, ‘Tainted Angel‘. They had a similar style to many of the other “hair bands” of the era. The band is best remembered for their 1991 single ‘Tainted Angel‘, which received some MTV airplay, especially during Headbanger’s Ball.

FnA Records proudly releases this gem. There will be a regular version of the CD and an autographed Fan Pack available. There will also be vinyl of the super-rare Pre-Southgang band Byte The Bullet. An autographed version Limited to 10 copies worldwide will be available, and a small amount of the regular vinyl version will be produced.