Mean Streak Release New Video ‘Judas Falling’

The Swedish power metal quartet Mean Streak used the concert-free time to produce another video from their current album ‘Eye Of The Storm‘. The choice fell on ‘Judas Falling‘, one of the harder hymns on the album.

Mean Streak was founded in 2006 by Peter Andersson. The Swedes have been under contract with El Puerto Records since 2020 and released their fifth studio album ‘Eye Of The Storm‘ in summer 2020 and have long been a fixture in metal. The Swedes produced the album themselves, the mix comes from Max Norman, whom greats like Ozzy Osbourne, Megadeth, Lynch Mob and Y&T have relied on in the past. The album itself landed e.g. in the respected Rock-It magazine at number 5 of the two-month soundcheck!

Album is available as CD: Here or digital: Here


1.Last Nail In The Coffin

2.From The Cradle To Grave

3.Heavy Metal Rampage

4.Sacred Ground

5.Dying Day

6.Judas Falling

7.1000 Years

8.Stand My Ground

9.Eye Of The Storm

10.Break The Limit



Peter Andersson – Bass

Andy La Guerin – Vocals & Guitars

Julian Eriksson – Lead Guitar

Fredrik Skold – Drums

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