Review: Mike Tramp – Trampthology

Review: Mike Tramp – Trampthology

Target Records (December 18th 2020)

Reviewer: Grant Foster

The name, Mike Tramp, will forever be linked with White Lion. There are some who may remember him from Freak Of Nature from the 90’s, an underrated band in my opinion.

But Mike has pursued his solo career for 25 years now and has slipped under the radar compared to the profile of those two previous bands. If like me, you either lost track of, or haven’t heard Mike’ solo work, then this offering is the place to start.

The songs on offer here are all of a very high standard, whether it’s the accessible ‘Give It All You Got’, the throwback to his White Lion days of ‘If I Live Tomorrow’, the thought provoking ‘The Road’ and ‘Dead End Ride’, the rocking energy of ‘Coming Home’, or my favourite, ‘Cobblestone Street’, which manages to be introspective yet uplifting simultaneously.

A mention too, regarding Mike’s voice. As he readily admits he spent most of his White Lion days singing right at the top of his range and beyond. In Freak Of Nature, he found a deeper more aggressive tone. With his solo output Mike has become totally comfortable vocally, whether it’s rocking, or melodic, wistful or attacking. He now has a roundness and character that only time and many miles on the open road can give you. So, celebrate 25 years with Mike with this release. It’s well worth it.