Southern Rock Band – Revelry Invite You To Get Down and ‘Dirty’ with New Single

Revelry have made quite the first impression with their sultry new single ‘Dirty‘.The Murfreesboro-based southern rockers’ debut track is now available on all digital and download streaming platforms.

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From the moment you hear that wailing slide guitar riff, you know that Zack Montgomery, Redd Byrd, Jordan Whorley, Dane Lovvorn, and Lucas Vincent mean what they say when they tell you they’re “down to get dirty“. The combination of Montgomery’s gritty southern rock vocals and Byrd and Whorley’s overdriven guitars makes for a raw, high-energy debut that’ll keep listeners on their toes. The band’s enthusiasm about bursting onto the scene comes through loud and clear.

When we first started playing dive bars in town, it was always late nights, drunk fights, and beautiful women. Some would say we are nasty, we say, “we’re down to get dirty”“. -Revelry

With its distinctive retro flair, ‘Dirty‘ harkens back to the days of Led Zeppelin and Lynyrd Skynyrd. It’s sure to satisfy anyone with an appetite for unabashed rock ‘n’ roll. Though the members of Revelry primarily aim to revive the ‘70s southern rock they were raised on, they can’t help but indulge their country leanings from time to time.

With most of us hailing from around Nashville, you can also find some country influences in there. The line ‘My boots will look good under your bed’ was inspired by the Shania Twain song ‘Whose bed have your boots been under?” – Zack Montgomery (Lead Singer, Revelry)

Despite only being together for a year, these five self-taught musicians have already proved that they have a handle on what it takes to create a memorable, hard-hitting track.

BiographyRevelry bring a retro country flair to classic rock sounds, creating a raw, upbeat energy that’s bound to get the whole room on their feet singing along. The band creates a party atmosphere that can be felt through powerful riffs, screaming leads, and pounding drums.

Driving rock rhythms, raspy southern vocals, and dirty guitar solos are just some of the ways you could describe Revelry’s high-impact sound. There is certainly a special aspect to all the musicians being self-taught and the way they are able to connect so strongly through their music. Their debut single ‘Dirty‘ comes in slamming with high-output overdriven guitars, followed by drums that are unapologetically in your face and rocking. Tackling themes about life experiences, from some of life’s toughest to most beautiful moments, there is no shortage of ways to relate to the topics presented in Revelry’s original material.

The band met through their passion for local music at a show in Murfreesboro, TN one night, and immediately felt a connection. It wasn’t long after they met up and started jamming and bringing in their unique influences that they knew that they had something special. The band quickly took flight and found themselves in demand in their local music scene. Deriving inspiration from some of their biggest influences, such as Lynyrd Skynyrd, Allman Brothers Band, Rolling Stones, and Led Zeppelin, the southern rock sound definitely makes itself apparent in their music. There is also a subtle hint of country that comes from living near Nashville.  Revelry’s sound and performance is unique, diverse — it really stands out today. “Revelry,” which means “lively and noisy,” is the perfect way to describe their high-energy presence.

There is no doubt that Revelry have got something special. With their debut single ‘Dirty‘ now released, they are about to surge in the southern rock scene. There is a lot of anticipation for their originals to be released, so stay connected with Revelry. We are sure they will be your new addiction!

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