King Baal: Unleash Official Music Video To ‘Let’s Murder Together’

Today, symphonic metal discovery King Baal launch the official video to ‘Let’s Murder Together‘, track taken from their upcoming album ‘Conjurements‘ due for release on 29th January 2021 via Wormholedeath.

“Somewhere between Doom, Symphonic and pure Heavy Metal, King Baal hail from Portugal with a very personal approach to metal, blending powerful and intense patterns with occasional dreamy musical landscapes.”

About ‘Let’s Murder Together

Uniting through blood and complicity symbolizes how deep passion and devotion can be. And this song is all about love. Through the idea of murdering together we want to express love and devotion in its deepest nature.King Baal


Joana Carvalho : Vocals

Narciso Monteiro : Guitars, Vocals

João Amorim : Bass

Luis Moreira : Drums