Marenna Release New Video ‘Getting Higher’

The band Marenna, led by singer and composer Rod Marenna, has just released their new music video for ‘Getting Higher‘ taken from the EP ‘Pieces Of Tomorrow‘ released on all main digital platforms early this year.

The video was produced in partnership between the band, Colateral Filmes and Tecna Centro de Produção Audiovisual, and following the approach of music, which talks about resilience, invests in refinement of lighting and colors to represent the message, moving between the internal conflicts of each individual and their choices and attitudes, valuing the new look and the more mature phase of the band.

The band on video is: Rod Marenna (V), Alex Reck (G), Bife (Bass), Luks Diesel (K), Arthur Schavinski (D)

The EP ‘Pieces Of Tomorrow‘ has been available since February 7th on all main digital platforms.

This release showcases a new phase, showing a more mature sound while still keeping their roots. The band now mixes their classic Melodic Rock/AOR 80’s influences with a more modern contemporary rock sound in their writing and also production-wise. The band’s main influences are bands such as: Bon Jovi, Whitesnake, Journey and H.E.A.T


  1. Getting Higher
  2. Pieces Of Tomorrow
  3. Break My Heart Again

The EP Line-up:

Rod Marenna (Vocals)

Luks Diesel (Keyboards)

Alex Reck (Lead Guitar)

Jonas Godoy (Bass and Rhythm

Special Guests: Arthur Appel (vocal production of all tracks and bass on ‘Break My Heart Again’ and Acauã Montiel, keyboards on ‘Getting Higher’.

Marenna are a Melodic AOR/Hard Rock band from Brazil which was formed in 2014 as a solo project of songwriter and vocalist Rod Marenna. The band was #9 in the Sweden Rock Festival Competition in 2015 and in the same year got signed by the Danish label Lions Pride Music which released the band’s EP ‘My Unconditional Faith‘ (2015) and the full length album ‘No Regrets‘ (2017), both with great reviews around the world. In 2018, the live album ‘Livin’ No Regrets‘ was released during the ‘No Regrets Tour‘ by Sony Music on all main digital platforms while the physical distribution was done by Rock Company (Netherlands). Currently, the band is promoting the new EP ‘Pieces Of Tomorrow‘ and the production of new material is already in the works. A tour in 2021 should follow the new release.

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