Brighton ProgressivRrock Milk White Throat Release New Video ‘Closed Eyes’

Brighton progressive rock / metal trio Milk White Throat are rounding up 2020 with the release of new single and video ‘Closed Eyes’, an impactful explosion of sound and light. The 7 and a half minute crescendo of a release follows on from the band’s August single ‘Sleepless’, as the second of a trio of powerful and progressive tracks making up their September EP ‘Hierarchy‘, and the visually captivating video is out now.

Powerful, thrilling, magnificent, emotional, bleak and abrasive are just some of the media and fan responses received worldwide since the release of ‘Hierarchy‘, which can be streamed / downloaded on all platforms now, and is best served turned up loud, in full: Here

Blurring the lines between genres, Milk White Throat have never been content with pigeonholing themselves into one style of music. Having started out as a thrash/death metal band in the 2000s, the last decade has seen the band evolve, honing in on their individual and group strengths, whilst sticking to their guns as far as variety goes, and the three songs that make up ‘Hierarchy’ are no different. Their most exciting, mature and melodic effort to date, progressing on from 2018 album ‘House On Fire‘.

Both ‘Closed Eyes’ and ‘Sleepless‘ have marked a proud moment for the band, being the 2nd and 3rd official music videos after 2015’s video for ‘Under Duress‘. Produced by Wild Stag Studio (Fatboy Slim, Black Peaks, Toska), filmed within stripped back settings, bringing impactful focus to the track, the band and their musicianship.

Whilst the EP is not lyrically conceptual, the subject matter is thematically consistent. The songs represent an individual’s fragility and their attempts to reconcile themselves with the World around them as well as the world within them, with each song representing a different perspective.

Over the years Milk White Throat have performed across a variety of venues around the UK, including Brighton’s own Mammothfest (various venues) and Concorde2, London’s Camden Underworld, and Oxford’s O2 Academy. Following the release of ‘House of Fire‘, the band played a string of shows alongside bands such as Rosetta,Time the Valuator, WHORES, and are determined to add to these with the release of Hierarchy in 2020. Milk White Throat are now actively taking bookings for future shows and hoping for a healthy return to action as soon as the music industry is allowed to return to some kind of normalcy. Expect to find the band on tour in 2021.

Watch, Share and Feature the two brand new singles, and 2020 EP Hierarchy: Here

Hierarchy in lyrics:

Closed Eyes‘ is written from the perspective of the world within, with the individual’s struggle to grapple with who they are and what they feel their existence is worth to themselves.

Sleepless‘ is written from the perspective of an individual’s attempt to qualify themselves to raise a child, someone who is completely dependent on the individual and the neurosis that results from creating a reflection of oneself.

Hierarchy‘ is written from the perspective of an individual’s failing attempt to understand themselves using the impossible amounts of statistical data that the external world can provide.