The Dust Coda Sign Worldwide Deal With Earache Records

Earache Records is pleased to announce the signing of London-based rockers The Dust Coda to a worldwide deal.

Sleek yet hard-hitting rock ‘n’ roll rooted in blues soul, The Dust Coda clutch the echoes of rock’s most beloved household names, from the pure, raw poetry of Led Zeppelin to the nasty muscle of Guns N’ Roses, and bring them kicking and screaming into the 21st century with enticingly unforgettable riffs, gravel-soaked vocal soul and sheer swagger.

Label founder Digby Pearson comments: “Earache Records is thrilled to announce our signing of London’s The Dust Coda.  Having scored chart placements in 2020 for Massive Wagons and Those Damn Crows, we can’t wait to begin working with these frontrunners in the New Wave of Classic Rock and turn heads in the rock community and beyond with ‘Mojo Skyline‘, which we’re certain will become renowned as a modern rock classic.

Lead guitarist Adam Mackie comments: “As a band, when we finished making ‘Mojo Skyline‘ we knew we had made something special and were super pumped and excited.  As a result, we didn’t want to rush anything out and were keen to find it the rightful home that it deserved.  When Earache came along, it just seemed like a natural fit from the start.  Myself and John remember reading about Earache as teenagers in magazines like Metal Hammer and Kerrang!, and to now join their roster amongst some of the big hitters in the rock scene and the best up-and-coming bands, it’s a great way to start the next chapter for The Dust Coda – things are only going to get louder from here!

Check out the official music video for the brand new single ‘Limbo Man‘.

Gleaming with sheer rock ‘n’ roll, the video sees The Dust Coda set loose at Dunsfold Park, the home of Top Gear, and in harmony with the adrenalised energy of ‘Limbo Man‘ with the help of classic Ford Mustangs.

Limbo Man‘ is taken from The Dust Coda‘s eagerly anticipated new album and Earache debut, ‘Mojo Skyline‘, available worldwide on March 26th, 2021.

The vivid album cover is extracted from the mind of artist Nick Dwyer, who is best known for his eye-catching designs for Beavertown Brewery’s beloved brews such as Neck Oil and Gamma Ray.  “I was trying to put across how these guys, who live and breathe destruction, dirt and chaos through their music might also spend their ‘down time’ inhaling weirdness from other not-so-obvious places,” says Nick of the artwork.  “They are on some sort of Natural Born Killers-esque trip, making a quick stop to watch a horror movie in the desert as the city disappears behind them.  It’s a peyote sandwich washed down with whiskey and desert dust.

Pre-order ‘Mojo Skyline‘ now Here on a range of great formats, including limited edition coloured and signed vinyl.

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