Review: Black Sun Down – Ghost In A Holy Place

Review: Black Sun Down – Ghost In A Holy Place

Self Release (October 31st 2020)

Reviewer: Dan Mann

Black Sun Down are a new band to me, I was made aware of them and this EP, ‘Ghost In A Holy Place‘, by Todd from fellow Kent rockers Collateral.

It’s still fills me with positivity that bands & artists are still ploughing ahead and releasing new music during the year most of us would rather forget. With a music industry teetering on the abyss, it is so pleasing to still have something or someone new to discover!

Enough about all that stuff and on to the music itself. ‘Ghost In A Holy Place‘ consists of three tracks from the five piece, with a heavyish rock sound interlaced with an underlying bluesy tinge, with singer Gabi delivering a strong vocal performance that adds that blues element to each song.

The band’s sound reminds me somewhat of sadly defunct Kent band Stonewire, with the vocal clarity underpinned by the tight bassline and pounding drums, and just the right amount of guitar that doesn’t overwelm the other elements, if that makes sense.

After listening to ‘Ghost In A Holy Place‘ I can honestly say that Black Sun Down are a band to keep an eye on for the future, and hopefully after everything settles back into some form of normality, they can get out and deliver their material live.

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