Modern Metal Trio Pteroglytph Stream New Single

Modern metal trio Pteroglytph are streaming new single ‘Black Death‘, taken from their upcoming album, ‘Solaire‘, set for release on 6th November 2020 via Blood Blast.

Vocalist / guitarist Jimmy MacGregor commented: “This track is a chaotic demonstration of unrelenting guitar fuelled madness. With one foot in thrash and the other deep rooted in modern technical metal, this song was written to give little room for breathing!

“The concept for the song is loosely based on an infection that overtakes humanity. Only the strong survive and the weak can only beg forgiveness…..seems relevant these days!

Pteroglytph are a modern metal band from Leeds, England, formed in 2012 by lead songwriter and frontman Jimmy MacGregor as a solo project. Now with the line-up completed by guitarist Ansley Prothero (JOR and Bludger) and drummer Bradie Nixon (Mishkin, Bludger, Osiah), Pteroglytph are set to establish themselves as a vital force in the 2020s.

Solaire‘ is the follow up to their critically acclaimed debut ‘Death of a Prince‘, which firmly put the band on the metal map. Demand on the live circuit earned them dates with SikTh, Aliases, Evil Scarecrow, Sworn Amongst, Exist Immortal and Beholder, as well as slots at Mammothfest, Wildfire Festival, Bloodstock and UK Tech-Fest.

The majority of recording and production of ‘Solaire‘ was handled by Jimmy MacGregor, with all live drums performed by Bradie Nixon and recorded at Greenmount Studios in Leeds with Lee Smith, who also handled the final mix of the album. The album was mastered by Acle Kahney of TesseracT.

Pre-save ‘Solaire‘: Here

Official Website






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