John Cyriis’ Agent Steel To Release Single From Upcoming Album

International metal overlords and true masters of the craft Agent Steel are back and better than ever before, returning at the helm with new album ‘No Other Godz Before Me‘—for release on March 19, 2021. Don’t miss a headbang-inducing, sublime metal extravaganza by way of a new single expected to pierce through Earth’s atmosphere on 16/10/20. At last Agent Steel have made their official return to Earth from their long intergalactic journey—by way of this stunning single release!

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No Other Godz Before Me‘ is the first studio outing for Johnny Cyriis since ‘Unstoppable Force‘ in 1987! This album is a stunning impactful return; Johnny Cyriis’s outstanding vocal performances are guaranteed to pierce through the very fabric of the universe—even more so the virtuoso international lineup that which this true incarnation and new Era of Agent Steel currently retains: Nikolay Atanasov, guitarist; Vinicius Carvalho, guitarist; Shuichi Oni, bassist; and Rasmus Kjaer, drummer.

Brace for the metal storm. All those of the true Metal alliance of Agent Steel—a speed metal extravaganza at its finest, with the master of vocal cosmic obscurity at the helm is about to make a debut on this first album of the bands new Era . The time is at hand for Agent Steel’s true official return….

Enjoy this Metal music journey and be privileged to be a witness to metal history in the making!

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