Review: Tygers Of Pan Tang – Ambush (Remastered)

Review: Tygers Of Pan Tang – Ambush (Remastered)

Mighty Music (September 18th 2020)

Reviewer: Grant Foster

Not long ago, I reviewed ‘Ritual’ from the Tygers, for Rockposer Dot Com. It was the first album from them I’d heard since, oooh, ‘Crazy Nights‘, back in the day. And mightily impressed I was too.

So, what have we here? ‘Ambush’ was originally released back in September 2012, and was the second album to feature singer Jack Meille. Unfortunately, I should have reviewed this way earlier than now and for that I apologise to the Tygers for my shoddiness! Produced by the late and much missed Chris Tsangarides and with a sleeve from Rodney Matthews, it has all the hallmarks of a classic Tyger record.

But how does the music stand up? Remastered fo this release, it’s the sound of the Tygers reinforcing their legacy. It’s consistent in feel to the two successive albums, ‘Tygers Of Pan Tang’ and ‘’Ritual‘, even taking into account the departures of Dean Robertson and recently, Micky Crystal.

Once again, vocalist Jacopo Miele puts in a mighty fine performance, especially on ‘She’ and ‘Burning Deisre’, as well as on the throwback rocker, ‘Hey Suzie’, which has a tip of the hat to the Jess Cox era tune, ‘Suzie Smiled’. But it’s Meile’s mic now and no mistake! Yes, there are a couple of plodders mid album, but on a whole the tunesmith is high. Added on to this re-release are a couple of live numbers, a studio outtake and a demo. If you are a Tyger aficionado, this alone should have you purchasing this to complete your collection.

Overall, a worthwhile exercise with a beefed up and louder audio. Well worth getting!