Review: Lazarus Dream – Alive

Review: Lazarus Dream – Alive

Pride & Joy Music (November 13th  2020)

Reviewer: Dan Mann

Lazarus Dream are a new German hard rock project, put together by vocalist Carsten Lizard Shultz and multi-instrumentalist Markus Pfeffer.

It’s no secret that I’m more than a little partial to anything that Carsten is involved with, so upon hearing about this project, my interest was more than a little peaked!

With Carsten obviously in charge of vocal duties, Markus is responsible for guitars, keyboards and bass, multi-instrumental indeed. Responsible for the powerhouse drumming is none other than Markus Kullmann, plus there is percussionist Thomas Rieder, flautist Sabrina Roth and on Hammond and synths, Thomas Nitschke.

What Lazarus Dream deliver with ‘Alive‘ is an album that’s not only alive, but kicking, screaming and demanding attention!

If this was a box ticking exercise for my sort of release then each box would have a bloody great tick in bold in every category.

From the opening bars of ‘Dawn Of Time‘, through to the final notes of ‘Days Of Darkness And Rain‘, this album delivers what is going to be for me one of my favorite releases of 2020.

With tracks like ‘Fleshburn‘, sounding like Conception meets Arabia to the keyboard laden melodic ‘Visions And Sins‘ exemplifying the different elements to ‘Alive‘, this is an album that I’m sure will appeal to a wide rock audience.

Mark this one folks as a Must Buy!


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