Jamie Porter Band Release New Single ‘Ready For Action’ On October 30th

The Jamie Porter Band will release new single ‘Ready For Action’ on October 30th.

Ready For Action’ lyrically gives a nod back to days when rock n roll was ‘the’ entertainment and was an escape for many from the dead end job.

Waiting for the evening or weekend, rock n roll was/is the drug that many need (my sweet addiction!), the partying and dancing, and of course the girl you were chasing. She was/is who you want to rock all day and night with, and hey who isn’t ‘Ready For Action

The band say “The hook ‘Ready For Action’, was also a statement about where we are with the band. Hungry to play live and entertain with our music and was the first song written by Jamie after coming through some low times and health problems.

READY FOR ACTION – damn straight we are!

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