Nashville Psych Rockers De3ra Unveil Heavy And Dark Video

Nashville based heavy psychedelic/rock n’ roll band DE3RA announces their new video ‘Billy Black‘, ahead of their upcoming self-titled album, due out October 16th 2020.

Of the new single, DE3RA said that “the song is basically part two of a story arc. Part 1 is Billy Black, which is the song directly before ‘Old Scratch’ on the album andhas already been released. ‘Billy Black’ is about a guy named Billy who asks the demon Asteroth for guidance, because his life is so messed up. Billy Black ends with an almost trance-like, flamenco inspired, riff. This movement of the song is supposed represent what happens when something answers Billy’s request (something like dancing with the Devil, as it were). Then, Old Scratch picks up from that point and continues the conversation between Billy and whatever the thing is that has answered his macabre request. The inspiration comes from the feeling of desperation that we’ve all felt. The idea that we would almost do anything just to make things better.

In comparison to ‘This Thing‘, which is their first album, ‘Old Scratch‘ is a much more cohesive piece of art as a whole. Each song has to do with soul crushing struggle and suffering, and how each of us deal with it, as human beings. In some cases, people can become resolute and rise to their specific challenges, but in other cases, folks will appeal to whatever darkness that they can find. ‘Old Scratch‘ was inspired by the idea that our minds can so frequently come to balance precipitously on the edge of the void that it is not preposterous to imagine them slipping away, into the darkness.

DE3RA, formed in 2017, is a four piece band that creates music with an emphasis on collaboration.  Rob, Kevin, Haydn and Layton often switch instruments during their creativeprocess, and all write/sing different songs in the project. The DE3RA sound is the outcome of four intense and different personalities.  While each member has their own distinct writing style, every song fits into the unique style and sonics of DE3RA.

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