Calgary Prog Metal Illuminated Minerva Streaming New Album ‘Enigma Adamantine’; Out Friday, Sept 25

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Calgary, Canada’s Illuminated Minerva is unleashing their emotional, turbulent full-length ‘Enigma Adamantine‘ on Friday, September 25, 2020. Ahead of the release, they are thrilled to entice the world with the album’s full stream premiere via TheCirclePit Here.

The band blends together heavy riffs, groovy bass and psychedelic melodies, and in lieu of vocals, archived audio clips resulting in oratory artistic storytelling. The concept album is five long songs, each one uniquely contributing to the overall theme of the album. Fans of the band’s 2014 debut EP ‘The Immaculate Deception‘ will notice a divergence from the ambient and electronic focus towards heavier and more technical songwriting.

Illuminated Minerva shares their thoughts on the new offering:

Enigma Adamantine‘ is an instrumental progressive metal album based around conspiracy, UFOs, and abductions. A musical examination of modern mythology laid out with hard-hitting bass grooves, technical guitar lines, soaring leads, and complex drumming matched with audio from years past to present an auditory mirror reflecting our deepest fears and questions yet to be answered. An album experience as unique as the stories within. We hope all that explore it, will enjoy it.

Being instrumental sets the band apart from most other bands as it makes it easier to appeal to a broader spectrum of people and those with an interest in Tool, Mastodon and Sikth will find Illuminated Minerva especially enjoyable.

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Track Listing:
1. Heart Beat of Creation (9:48)
2. Sightings (5:08)
3. Abductions (7:05)
4. Wilder (Mother Goddess) (8:37)
5. Illuminatus Majoris (13:03)


Illuminated Minerva is a technical, progressive metal band, from Calgary, Canada. Brothers Nathan Bourgeault (guitar) and Jordon Bourgeault (drums) were both musicians growing up and eventually started their first project Sequoia, the beginning of their musical collaboration. Eventually, they moved on to form Illuminated Minerva, with a goal to push the musical boundaries further.

Rounding the lineup out is local scene veteran Matt Petti (bass) who played with drummer Jordon Bourgeault in Verbal Deception; and Pat Lawtey (guitar) who played with the international act Kobra and the Lotus.

The bond between brothers and former bandmates results in a very natural writing process for the progressive metal quartet. Knowing what works and what doesn’t comes easily and allows the band to intertwine astral riffs, and technical harmonies highlighted by the absence of vocals. Combined with archived audio clips the result is oratory artistic storytelling taking the listener through space and time, exploring conspiracies and unanswered questions.

With a captivating and visceral live show, the seasoned musicians of Illuminated Minerva have played with a host of bands locally including Tesseract, Intronaut, and Cloudkicker. In 2014, the band released their debut EP ‘The Immaculate Deception‘ and are following it up in 2020 with a full length ‘Enigma Adamantine‘ due out Sept 25th.