Review: Brother Firetribe – Feel The Burn

Review: Brother Firetribe – Feel The Burn

OMN Label Services (September 18th 2020)

Reviewer: Dan Mann

Scandi rockers Brother Firetribe return with their fifth album, ‘Feel The Burn‘ and I for one am pleased to see a new release from the band.

Brother Firetribe have built up a loyal following since the release of their debut album ‘False Metal‘ back in 2006, so there’s a fair bit of anticipation from fans regarding a new album.

Giving us ten tracks in total, the album kicks off with ‘I Salute You‘, which thrusts us headfirst into recognisable Brother Firetribe territory with the trademark synth laden sound and Pekka Heino’s wonderfully smooth vocals.

Trust me when I say Brother Firetribe fans will love this album, the songs are catchy, especially the latest single ‘Night Drive‘, or ‘Chariot Of Fire‘ which will have you singing along within seconds.

The different layers of each track are clear and precise with a decent production. Take ‘Bring On The Rain‘, listened too on headphones it’s all enveloping, with a real drive behind it.

The album finishes as it starts, no petering off here as single ‘Rock In The City‘ races along at a frantic pace bringing things to an end in an absolute flourish of AOR  grandeur.

And suddenly you find you’ve gone through ten tracks before you’ve realised it! Time to play it all over again.

This is without doubt going to be another contender for one of my favorite releases of 2020 and it’s great to have Brother Firetribe back, firing on all cylinders!