Scottish Heavy Metal Band Victorius Announce Debut Album

Victorius are a four – piece juggernaut who kick serious ass. Hailed as the bastard sons of Metallica and Maiden  but with heavier and thrashier overtones they are now leading the charge and flying the flag for the newest wave of British Heavy Metal.

Victorius are are what great hard rock and metal is all about. Driving bass and drums , brilliant twin guitars and the sort of fist pumping riffage that will have your head banging like a barn door in a storm. Their 5 track EP ‘To The Death‘ has been well received by radio stations world wide and you should check out their brilliant video for their latest single ‘Live To Win‘ which is a tribute to Metallica‘s James Hetfield. They are delighted to announce that their debut album ‘Rise From The Flames‘ will go on general release on 16th October.


1.Breaking Down The Walls
2.Silver Bullet
3.Chains of Insanity
4.To The Death
5.Bleed For Me
6.Prepare To Rock
7.Who We Are
8. Rise From The Flames

Line up:

John Brandon – Lead Guitar / Vocals
John Gibbons – Bass Guitar / Backing Vocals
Ryan Shepherd – Drums
Stewart Kennedy – Rhythm Guitar

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