The Outlaw Orchestra Release New Single ‘It Happened Again’

The Outlaw Orchestra –  those fun-loving, 4-piece powerhouse purveyors of Heavy Grass – are delighted to release their new single and video ‘It Happened Again’, a cracking track from their varied and vibrant 10-track album ‘Pantomime Villains’.

The Outlaw Orchestra is a UK, Southern Country Rock-influenced, 4-piece powerhouse combo of talent that’s not just crossing genres boundaries: critics say this band is redefining them. The outfit brings together David Roux (guitars/lead vocals); Ryan Smith (drums/percussion/vocals); Pete Briley (banjo/lap steel/vocals); and Alex Barter (double bass/vocals).

The song is stamped good and proper with The Outlaw Orchestra’s hallmarks: humour, irreverence and musicianship –

The track will draw you into this country rock story, whose roots – the band happily admit – lie in band members Dave Roux and Pete Briely‘s utter inability to drive past a music shop without just taking a quick look inside… Just one shuftie. I can handle it.

Tragedy, comedy, true life confession? Who can say? Best to listen to this upbeat, fun track celebrating compulsive instrument purchasing and make up your own mind! A fair few folk may well recognise themselves and their friends in this song (which is naturally rich in The Outlaw Orchestra’s Heavy Grass sound and music skills: played on quality, coveted instruments they – ahem – just happened to have to hand).

The band explain the song’s roots like this: “Dave had double parked outside a music shop to ‘just grab some strings’. Five minutes later, he returned with an £800 acoustic guitar and a set of strings. He explained to his missus “It… it just happened!

“Pete texted Dave to explain that on a direct route from Maidstone to Poole he took an accidental 40-mile detour to a music store to ‘just look’ at an eighteen hundred pound lap steel guitar. Minutes later Dave received a text: “It’s happened… again“.

Finally a musician pal of theirs – Buzzy James, who lives in Long Beach, California – told the boys that he had saved all his back tax he owed to his accountant. He drove to deliver it, but en route passed a music store… Half an hour later he’d magically turned that tax money into a new Les Paul Guitar. It doesn’t matter if its guitars, cars, motor bikes or shoes: it’s an addiction and it happens again and again!

The video was woven together from studio footage, creatively assembled by Pete (when not out hunting, ogling or acquiring instrument-plunder). Starting with great guitar licks, and the cheeky fortune cookie wisdom caption card – “Steal a man’s wallet and he’ll be poor for a week. Teach him music and how to buy instruments and he’ll be poor for the rest of his life,” the video shows us The Outlaw Orchestra a-hustling and bustling round the studio practising their craft, con gusto.

Alex Barter’s fabled double-bass topped with an alligator skull gets a lingering, way cool top-down shot, along with other instruments and kit beloved of The Outlaw Orchestra.

It’s a catchy, fun track, given extra buzz by Pete’s creative, colourful video. And it’s a case in point of Planet Rock’s opinion of the band: “the foursome’s high-energy music is so joyous and imbued with humour that it’s enough to put a grin on even the dourest cynic’s chops.

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