Fierce Heart Recapture The Power And The Glory Of Early 80’s Metal

The new release ‘War For The World‘ from Fierce Heart, available Exclusively on Dark Star Records/Sony Universal, is now available for pre-order at Here.

Rex Carroll is excited by the response to the band’s return, stating “Early response to ‘Built For Speed‘ has been off the charts! I’m so happy people are digging the record! Can’t wait for this record to come out, can’t wait to get out and play it live for everybody! Thank you one and all!

The early response to the first single ‘Built For Speed‘ has been fantastic…

If you’re looking to recapture the power and the glory of early 80’s metal, you’re not going to get much closer than Fierce Heart’s ‘Built For Speed.’ Be very careful if you’re listening to this one behind the wheel.” – Ron Keel

Fierce Heart is an incredible band. Amazing vocals with straight up rock songs and great hooks. Plus the guitar work from my shred brother Rex Carroll is absolutely ferocious!!!” – Jimi Bell ( Autograph)

Fierce Heart is a very impressive band who does a great job of keeping Hard Rock relevant today. If you like melodic vocals and and strong hooks, you’ll be an instant fan!!” – Pat Gesualdo President/CEO Metal Hall of Fame

Track Listing:
Into The Sun
Built For Speed
Out For Blood
Just Got Lucky
Lost Inside Your Love
Power To Rock
Bad Child
Rest My Bones
Long Time
War For The World
Road To Nowhere

Line up:
Robert Reynolds
Rex Carroll
Antonio Acevedo
Nick Forchione

About Fierce Heart:
In 1985, Atlantic Records released the debut album from Fierce Heart. Fronted by the extraordinary talents of guitar icon Rex Carroll, the band received high praise in the music press – Guitar Player Magazine, Billboard, Kerrang, Metal Forces and Guitar For The Practicing Musician.

Then in 1986, Rex Carroll formed the successful group Whitecross and also played in the critically acclaimed band King James while the new singer for Fierce Heart, Robert Reynolds headed up the band Grave Danger from L.A.

Following the original Atlantic album release AOR BLVD Records contacted Rex for an official, sanctioned re release. This project became a springboard, with a performance that followed at the Melodic Rock Festival. Fierce Heart was the surprise hit of the festival with fans turning out in droves, demanding the permanent reformation of the band and a new album.

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