Bill Walton Band Releases New Single ‘You Don’t Need Me’

Rock’n’roll blues group, Billy Walton Band today released their third single, ‘You Don’t Need Me‘ from their forthcoming album ‘Dark Hour‘ which is due out September 4, 2020. Released on Harmonized Records, the album was recorded at Cambridge Sound Studio and was engineered by Grammy-nominated engineer Jim Salamone.

Starting off with an electric guitar swell and a jaunty acoustic riff, ‘You Don’t Need Me‘ builds quickly into the verse where lead singer Billy Walton is telling a first-person account of a character who went into a blind fit of rage, following a breakup. The song features an extravagant, yet tasteful, guitar solo leading up to a piano interlude, signifying the end of the character’s life.

Speaking on the new single Billy Walton says, “The song is a journey, an angry fall into depression! I had the acoustic riff on the back burner for a while. When we were recording the other tunes for the record I pulled this one out of the air to round out the whole story… The character angrily lashes out then falls into depression and then on to the demise…

Two previous singles have been released from ‘Dark Hour‘, ‘Can’t Love No One‘ and a Neil Young cover ‘Cortez The Killer‘, which have been lauded by critics and fans.

Billy Walton Band is performing an album release live stream at The Strand Theatre, on September 3rd at 8PM, the day before the release of their new album ‘Dark Hour‘.

With a new album on the way, and though unable to tour to support its release, Billy Walton Band has been interacting with fans through social media by posting live performances, clips of them jamming, and talking directly to them about what the band is up to.

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