Chris Bevington Organisation Share Video For ‘Sand and Stone’

Chris Bevington Organisation is proud to release a brand-new video for ‘Sand & Stone’: the title track from their 11-track of the same name — the fourth album from the band and the best yet!

The video for ‘Sand and Stone’ can be seen on YouTube. It’s dedicated to the miners who lost their lives on New Year’s Day in 1942 in the Sneyd Colliery disaster at Burslem in the English city of Stoke-on-Trent. Sparks from wagons underground ignited coal dust, causing an underground explosion. 57 men and boys died in the accident.

Sand and Stone’  uses classic blues to homage the hardworking, often at risk, colliers of the UK.  It opens and closes with recorded soundbites of actual miners and features archive black and white footage of coal miners (including Chris Bevington’s own Grandad!). The song starts with a super-bluesy harmonica, then brings in heartfelt vocals and classic Blues guitarwork, building up with backing vocals to the full CBO sound. You’ll also find a great solo from Jim Kirkpatrick —one of the UK’s premier e slide guitar masters.

Check out the video for ‘Sand and Stone’ for a fresh take on British Blues and the full 11-track album of the same name to appreciate the range and power of  Chris Bevington Organisation in their latest, greatest release.

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