Carsten Lizard Schulz Syndicate Release Video ‘Hammer to Fall’, Featuring Brian May & Doogie White

A bunch of friends coming together to join Brian May‘s wonderful #JamWithBri project. Enjoy Carsten Lizard Schulz Syndicate’s take on Queen‘s classic ‘Hammer To Fall‘.

Line Up:

Guitars: Steffen Seeger (Midnite Club) Rolf Munkes (Crematory / Empire) …and Sir Brian, of course!

Bass: Paul Logue (Eden’ Curse)

Drums: Markus Kullmann (Sinner / Hartmann / Glenn Hughes)

Keyboards: Holger Seeger (Midnite Club)

Vocals: Doogie White (Rainbow / Michael Schenker / Yngwie Malmsteen) Nikola Mijic (Eden’ Curse / Alogia / Dreyelands) Carsten Lizard Schulz (Domain / Evidence One)

Mixed by Steffen Seeger

Mastered by Rolf Munkes

Video edited by Paul Logue

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