Orbital Junction, London’s Heavy Rock/Stoner Champs To Release ‘Creep’ Next Week

In these days of uncertainty and angst, nothing could be better than a brand new, huge slice of beefy heavy hitting rock to let it all out! Luckily for you, Orbital Junction are set to release their sonically charged new single ‘Creep‘ on Friday 1st May!

In a spectacularly apt message for the age, ‘Creep‘ talks about the reality of our minds being a mess, but that’s OK and we can all be a bit dark at times!

The band explain the meaning behind the new track:

Creep is about knowing that you’re a little bit messed up in the head, but you’re accustom with it. You don’t mind inviting people to enter the mess, but you don’t expect them to untangle the intricacies of the disorder. It’s not a dark topic because in essence this is normality, and people might find relief with what they discover.“.

Creep‘ will be available at all great outlets and streaming services on the 1st May.

2018 saw the fantastically received self-titled debut EP ‘Orbital Junction‘, landing them countless shows and a slot at the prestigious Desertfest London – along with an invite to the sadly cancelled 2020 event. ‘Creep‘ is the first track from a new album that will be released later this year. If you’re new to the party and haven’t heard the crushing majesty that is OJ, check out the following track from the 2018 EP, ‘Space Highway‘ right now!

As standouts in the UK stoner rock scene, expect Orbital Junction to continue their rise to the challenge of delivering the goods. You’re all invited along for the ride, the bus is in gear, snacks are being cracked open, and the back seats have been reserved for only the most diehard of followers.

Line up:

Owen – Vocal
Ric – Guitar
Billy – Bass
Jack – Drums