Jamie Williams and the Roots Collective Single Release In Aid Of NHS

The notable roots rockers, Jamie Williams and the Roots Collective have announced that they are releasing the single ‘Life On The Road‘ in support of the NHS.

The single, which is taken from the forthcoming album ‘Do What You Love‘ will be officially launched via the Isolation Festival Facebook Page at 4.30 PM on Saturday 25th April.  The track, which is a top player from the new album, will be available via the band’s Bandcamp page here www.jwrc.bandcamp.com/music.  People will be able to download it free, or with an option to donate to support the NHS.

The release will be made online on their Facebook page  where they will play the album in its entirety on 22nd May at 7.30 PM.  They will be joined live by BJ Cole, Robbie McIntosh and Naomi Poole.

This multi-influenced, powerful album, is their sixth album to date and features guest appearances by BJ Cole, Robbie McIntosh and Naomi Poole.

Do What You Love‘ will be available on vinyl, CD, cassette and across all major download and streaming sites.

Do What You Love‘ was recorded at ‘The Sink’ and ‘The Loft’, Essex, UK and produced, mixed and mastered by David J Milligan/Milligan Audio.

Here’s what the band have to say about the new album:

After ‘Diff’rent Gravy‘ and the band completing its new line-up with James Bacon on drums, it was time to record a new batch of songs; some acoustic, some country/rock, a bit of psychedelia but also some full on rockers, all given a more lavish production & put together by our genius producer Dave Milligan, into what is our finest most accomplished album to date.

There are songs about the passing of time; politics; sex; life on the road with a band; relaxing in the sun, true love & tributes to our heros & friends we’ve lost along the way.  

We are lucky enough to have been able to call upon the services of a few friends on some of the tracks, featuring the slide guitar of Robbie McIntoch, the pedal steel of B J Cole & the cello of Naomi Poole.

Do what you love‘ encompasses this unstoppable train of a band’s way of life, carrying on their philosophy; Dreams can come true – do what you love!

Line up:

Jamie Williams- Lead Vocals; Electric & Acoustic Rhythm Guitars: Mandolin; Guitar solo on “Life On The Road”

Nick Garner – Harmonicas and Psychedelic Mouth Organs; Backing Vocals on Life On The Road

Dave Milligan – Electric Lead and Rhythm Guitars including Electric 12 String and High Strung guitars; Acoustic 12 String Guitar; Backing Vocals; Autoharp; Keyboards; Sound Effects; Brass, String and Choir Arrangements

Jake Milligan -Bass Guitars

James Bacon- Drums and Percussion
Guest appearances by:

BJ Cole – Pedal Steel on “Losing Streak”

Robbie McIntosh – Slide Guitar solo on “I’m A Stone”

Naomi Poole- Cello solo on “If I Met My Hero”

Dave Milligan, James Bacon, Nick Garner, Maddie, Vanessa, Hannah, Ashleigh & Ellie Milligan, Michael & Marley Kreft – Sing along crowd on “Dreams Can Come True”

All tracks written by Jamie Williams
Track Listing:

1.Time Keeps Slipping Away

2. I’m A Stone

3. Heartbreaker Of The First Degree

4. Lazy Day

5. If I Met My Hero

6. Held In Your Glow

7. Red Hot And Raunchy

8. Face The Facts

9. Losing Streak

10. Life On The Road

11. Straight Down The Middle

12. Dreams Can Come True

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