Webfest Set For April 4th

The New Wave Of Classic Rock Facebook group bring you Webfest on April 6th to help support bands during the coronavirus lockdown.

The fully-streamed online festival, takes place on April 4 between 2pm and 10pm GMT. So far confirmed are 24 artists, the headliners being Dead Man’s Whiskey, also appearing – Matt Long And The Revenant Ones, Fallen Mafia, The Darker My HorizonJack J Hutchinson Band, Trouble Country and Circus 66. Pete K Mally will also be performing a live set.

Organisers say: “The New Wave Of Classic Rock Facebook group will be open to all comers on Saturday, April 4, as we present Webfest – a fully live-streamed event where you can bring your own beer and create your own watch parties.

They add: “We want to pay all the bands properly for their work. If you were paying £12 to go to a gig with three bands and 100 people showed up, £1200 would go towards all costs and the bands would be lucky to turn a profit of £100 each. We will have 25 bands on the day, so our target is £2500.

Webfest are asking fans to support the event by buying a virtual cup of coffee. The money raised will be split evenly among the bands appearing.

Music fans can donate to the Webfest artists right now.